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Substrate Workshop in Geneva

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Early September I had a pleasure to co-organize with Parity Technologies Substrate workshop in Geneva. Our goal was simple - get hands dirty with Rust and Substrate code. We gather great engineers from Geneva are and coded our first Substrate based blockchain. The whole event was composed from 2 parts: DevChain meetup and classes at CREA.

Meetup -Moving Blockchain to the next level.

Enhance your business to enable other (block)chains to work in conjunction with each other. New advancements in DLT allows to implement new business models with blockchain. We will discussed the new approaches and new projects built on top of layer-2 and Polkadot.

During the panel discussion we had some disagreements about layer-2 definition:

  • I’m opting where the transaction processing is happening (main chain vs eg state channel / plasma...).
  • Cyril and few others prefer to call layer-2 as a smart-contract (in contrast to layer-1 being the blockchain itself).

We managed to describe our logic and focus on engineering approaches for all sorts of layer definitions: Tokenomics, Cyrils’ compliance layer, payment channels, Polkadot / Cosmos, Rollups and data availability problems.

Substrate Workshop

The morning section of the workshop will walk you through how Substrate works, current state of tooling, the benefits of the modular framework and runtime of Substrate, and what it could bring to your business. This section of the workshop is open to coders, product managers and none coders alike.

The afternoon section of the workshop will be a deep dive into building with Substrate. For this section you will need your laptop and programing knowledge.


  • It was awesome to create a blockchain in few hours!
  • Coding in Rust wasn’t a problem for most of the participants!