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Jabber client behind firewall and proxy

There is a great article explaining how to setup jabber client to connect to jabber server which is outside firewall:

Behind the scene, if your jabber server don’t support connection through 80/443 port, then you can:

  1. register new account on
  2. Most of the desktop clients support automatic account registration.
  3. install a client that support proxy connection (vacuum-im, psi)
  4. manage a account to connect through proxy (need to know the company proxy)
  5. use as a server to connect to.

The company I work for uses firewall that block everything besides HTTP :80/443 and proxy to manage outside connection.

I succeed with setup my desktop client to and servers.

The configuration for google talk is as follows (for vacuum-im):

  1. set your credentials (
  2. enable and configure the proxy server (the one you use to connect to internet)
  3. tick “Use legacy SSL connection”
  4. manually set the host: port: 443 or 80
The standard configuration for jabber at is described on google support pages
Recently I read that google also uses 5222 port!

There is also solution with proxytunel, described here. I didn’t try this.

Left with

Since I normally don’t use google account, and my primary jid is at; I was forced to use my previous solution - jabber web client which is bundled into mail service I use ( Generally all web clients works fine (assuming the proxy is configured correctly).

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