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Scala tutorial for programmers

Finally I get myself together and publish my Scala tutorial for programmers (it is linked under menu -> documents).

I started working on two years ago, but didn’t have enough time to finish it. This year I almost didn’t make any update (fortunately Scala also has’nt much of them). If you find any errors please contact me.

I started fascinating Scala in 2008, when I found this language as an impressive work on JVM, and how many clever features can be work on top of it. Scala shows that programming on JVM can be fast and compact. Just dive into and read!

Unfortunately I dislike Scala implicits overhead and abuse of symbolic functions literals, like :%, :=>, ~>, \/, \\/ (here I typed 5 different names). For a Scala expert it can be fun. But Scala world is tight to Java one and not everyone a programming master. When someone needs to look into implicits mess, I’m sure he will need some painkillers. Neverless it contains a lot of brillinat constructs and state of the art solutions from programming languages theory and programming patterns (eg: cake pattern).

At the end I’m still Python evangelist :)