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Doers, Coachers and Product Managers

What do you think about the following statement?

We Need Fewer Product Managers.

John Cutler recently published an article with same title.

Later, the author clarifies:

This post has been brewing as I interact with more and more companies struggling to define (and scale) product “management” in increasingly complex organizations.

Personally I can’t agree more. We need more clearly defined roles and more doers.

Many project managers act as a middle man. Instead of empowering and training the team, enterprises create completely unreasonable and scattered roles.

Let me put my statement here:

We need more DOERS and team COACHERS.

The team should be responsible to define a work-plan, present delivery, design solution. Team must have leaders (also doers) mature enough who will make a call, whenever it’s needed, for training and quality assurance.

Product managers, trying to fully manage the teams, yield less quality than self organized teams because even a good listener (good manager) will not be able to coordinate all the small things that go into a great product. But every domain specialist can contribute a work with high sense of quality.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need product owners and representatives. We do. And let me state it: we need well qualified, well structurized product owners. We need people who will take care about requirements and a lean knowledge transfer between stakeholders. But we can’t magically make a work done with amorphous product managers nor focusing on the management side rather than doing side.