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Well done at Swiss Blockchain Hackathon 2019

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SBHack 2019 was amazing. Great atmosphere, energizing people. I was building a team for my ongoing project: a next-level (legal) contract management system (more info about the project later).

I was super happy to build a rock start team! So let me start with a short team description.


Applying Lean methodology to do hard things.

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Recently I’ve stumbled upon a great article: “How to do hard things” by David R. MacIver. I found that the technique he proposes follows the Lean Principles. Lean is all about baby steps and early feedback:

  • Find a pivot which is at yours fingertips and which brings the value.
  • Do your best to achieve that pivot. Build!
  • Measure what is working what is not.
  • Learn from the work - try to get the best sense of what is good enough (now, in the future etc...). Learn what you did well what bad. Learn if the pivot was successful. Learn how much closer you are to the customer satisfaction (try to be quantitative).

Token Economics: Token Design problems & classification

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Most of the blockchain based crowdfunding (ICO, ITE, TGE, STO...) want to promise positive returns. Fair enough ☺ Later in the article I will cumulatively refer to any sort of token issuance as an ICO.

Entrepreneurs, when seeking for a capital for their business using an ICO , need to create a token growing mechanism in order to attract investors. The most obvious way is to promise financial returns. This obviously creates all sort of legal problems related to regulations, customer protection, AML / anti terrorism. It’s very often that the ICO thinking process is following:

  • We need money
  • Let’s sell tokens (ICO...)
  • Tokens can be used for A, B and C...
  • Now let’s find a find a way to attract investors. The token value has to grow.

Moving blog to FB pages

I decided to continue my blog using Facebook Pages. Please follow me at:

The main reasons:

  • It’s easier and faster to publish.
  • Convenience for creating a quick posts with photos using mobile.
  • Convenience for uploading videos.
  • Facebook Notes just works for creating nice posts (example)
  • Social networks effect - easier to share / follow.
  • FB Pages works for people who don’t have FB account.

One may ask about privacy. My blog is public!