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Hollywood style crypto-specialists

2017 was the year of ICO. It created a bunch of new professions:

  • ICO Specialists
  • Blockchain Specialists
  • Crypto Adviser

This was followed by an outbreak of so called advisory crypto-specialists. On LinkedIn I witness thousands of specialist level profiles without any track of records! The demand is huge, so people naturally fill the gaps to catch appreciable market occasion and obtain visibility. Don’t get me wrong. We need profiles who understand the Distributed Ledger Technology (aka. Blockchain). However, at the same time we need more education and awareness to correctly assess and utilize “specialists”. Especially the advisory-level who are going to provide valuable business and technology input into your new projects.

Hollywood style specialist

Let’s quickly discuss the second problem: the Hollywood style specialist. What does it mean? In Hollywood, valuable directors, top-star actors, and specialists coalesce around a given project, do their job, then bounce away.

With the ICO boom, it’s super attractive for high-profile investors/advisers/developers to jump around projects. It’s dangerous (for the market) when the core team and C-level stuff coalesce around different new hot projects, propel them forward initially, then move on to the next big thing. Here we need to assess between an ambition for doing a career and delivering the product.

Real world

This was explained many times. The successful business is defined by excellence of the execution and leadership. With the ICO boom we will slowly go towards traditional due-diligence model defined by VC. Startups will need to present a working model with ability to deliver. To make this happen will need to incorporate real world business specialists.


While there are many courses and books in Blockchain Technology online, which provide a basic education, IIB Council, the Insitute of iBusiness of EC-Council, is now introducing the first Professional Training and Certification course, aimed to be accredited by ANSI (ISO 27014) Standards. As a member of the C|BP (Certified Blockchain Professional) Advisory Board we aspire to address the challenges in the filed and provide a clearly defined Syllabus that maps with the industry requirments. We look forward to launcing C|BP Program by end of April 2018. Stay tuned!