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Winning Blockchain Xperience Hackathon!

We did it!

I was honored to lead the winning team of the Blockchain Xperience Hackathon @ Oracle [1] [2], part of the Open Geneva Festival.

Our project, DEX Escrow, aimed to provide a solution for deferred money transfers where the funds are locked under management of financial institutions.

The DEX Escrow project was following my Escrow Protocol research for the SIX hackathon, where he was I was pitching an idea of inter-banking systems. The project was highlighted and go into the SIX finals (among 5 other teams).

Many thanks to our Blockchain Xperience team:

  • Guillaume Goutaudier
  • Raphaël Vieira
  • Pierre Guiol
  • Myself ;)

I’m honored (and thankful) for Guillaume testimony he provided to Oracle:

“When Robert suggested to build up a team for the Oracle Hackaton, I immediately accepted the challenge. I had previous experiences working on public blockchains (mainly Ethereum), but wanted to explore use cases where having a “permissioned” Blockchain would make more sense. From this perspective, the DEX escrow protocol was a nice opportunity to work on a solution where there is a limited number of participants, and where the reliance on a 3d party could be replaced by a Blockchain.”

Please read the Aires Marques post detailing the hackathon experience [3].

About Open Geneva

Open Geneva is an Open Innovation Festival for Science, Technology and Society. Open Geneva has been established to promote open innovation with a spirit of knowledge sharing for the common good in the Geneva Greater Area, and beyond.

Oracle, a main sponsor of Open Geneva Innovation Festival, during the 4 days of Open Geneva will promote more than 35 Hackathons, conferences, workshops and other events to hundreds of participants.

Memories Our Team!

SIX F10 Hackathon

As mentioned above, earlier in March I was researching and pitching more advanced concept - the InterBank Escrow Protocol. With my friend, Cyril Lapinte, who provided a great banking support, we went into finals and got a spotlight!

Team: Cyril Lapinte & Me.